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“Selling By Discovery” is a step-by-step blueprint for financial managers who want to take their car dealership sales team’s productivity and sales to the next level so they and their teams can become more prosperous than ever.

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In this training, you’ll discover a system that will show you how you can increase $300,000+ your net revenue per month by following a full-blown system that can substantially increase your sales team’s productivity and closing rate without micro-managing them 24/7.

Adrian Anania


Adrian Anania has been responsible for developing some of the top finance and insurance departments in the country, and is the creator of the Selling By Discovery program. Through that program he helps purpose driven finance managers double their income, develop a true consultative process, and unlock incredible freedom in their personal lives.

Over the last 9 years, Adrian has created over $110 million dollars in gross net revenue for his clients and in his own companies by focusing on replacing outdated approaches and enhancing the way we communicate to the modern customer by: removing objections, reducing sales resistance, and enhancing customer engagement through customizations.

From updating the sales process for businesses that have been thriving for over 20 years to scaling a 10 rooftop dealer group to a gross net revenue increase of $1.7 million dollars a month, Adrian has been in the trenches and understands how to help finance and sales managers simplify, focus, and execute to double their income and unlock their true potential.

Adrian is also an active investor in real estate, start-ups, and digital assets. He splits his time between Seattle and Newport Beach with his girlfriend Kathy and their dog Oso.

Now, he helps purpose-driven finance managers double their income, develop a true consultative process, and unlock incredible freedom in their personal lives.

2019 Sentinel Award winner from CNA National Top provider in the Finance and Insurance space for automotive dealers and publicly traded under CNA

Responsible for scaling a 10 rooftop dealer group To A Gross Net Revenue Increase Of $1.7 Million Dollars A Month

Average gross net revenue increase of $373,000 Per Month Per Franchise Dealership.


What You’re Going To Discover...

Mastering Your Selling Philosophy [Value $2,997]

Discover how you can develop a highly effective sales process while providing an exceptional customer experience so your prospects will say yes and sign the deal every single time.

The Essential Aspects of A Sale [Value $2,497]

Find out the important logical and emotional buying triggers of your customers that are crucial in closing deals so your sales team will have the right sales approach to all of your potential buyers.


Learn the importance of client survey and how you can use it to identify the buying styles of your customers and avoid buyer’s resistance.


Uncover the step-by-step process of seamlessly and efficiently vetting your clients so you can filter out the high-quality prospects and increase your chances of closing more sales.


Discover how you can simplify your sales process as the F&I manager to make the whole experience for you, your sales team, and your customer easier and faster so you can close better and more deals at lightspeed.

Plus more principles, strategies and tactics to take your sales team to the next level, make more revenue and break all pre existing records!

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Selling By Discovery


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Selling By Discovery
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45+Employees: Customized monthly plan based on business needs…
You’re Going To Discover…

Limited Time Bonuses

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Joining this program is the best investment you can make for yourself if you’re looking to succeed in the automobile industry. But we know you want to make sure you’re not exposing yourself to unnecessary risks, and that you can get your money’s worth.

That said, to make it easier for you, we are taking all the risks and will give you the option to try this program for 30 days and if you do all the steps outlined in the course and show proof that you did them within a 30-day period and did not make more than what this investment costs, you’ll get 100% of your money back, GUARANTEED.

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Today, you have the opportunity to learn how to build a profitable sales team in the automobile business and make 6 figures a year. Get inside the “Selling By Discovery” and skyrocket your automobile sales deals while boosting your sales team productivity, closing ratio, confidence and income!
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